You talk the talk.
Do you walk the walk?

Come in and have a drink!

Truth and Dare is a brand-new bar located in the heart of the city of Vienna. We do not serve what you can have everywhere – we’d rather dare you to try something new. Of course, we can mix your favorite classic, but hey: Dare to dare yourself!

Mini of the week

„OMG, what is that?“ you might ask yourself. Well, we simply do not like to get stuck and that’s why each and every week we offer you a different mini-drink T&D Style, changing constantly. No, we won’t tell you, you have to pay us a visit!

Here you will find the truth.

Truth and Dare

Schönlaterngasse 4, 1010 Vienna

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And then we’ll maybe follow you as well – and furthermore everybody will follow both of us to our bar, and then we’ll all have a drink together!

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